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  1. Describe the history of the nominated product, service or program. Be sure to note the specific technology applied or used.

  2. How has the project contributed to the success of skilled, senior living or home care organizations within this specific category? Please share specific data or metrics that show impact and effects. DATA AND METRICS ARE VERY IMPORTANT, to help judges make decisions. 

  3. Describe any obstacles the team had to overcome in relation to this project.

  4. Is there anything else you would like the judges to know? For example, were there any additional project benefits to talk about? Extenuating circumstances? Are there any notable anecdotes regarding the project you’d like to share?


You must submit your entry with an image depicting the entry. Candid/action shots with no more than three people are recommended. All images should be color, 300 dpi resolution (high-res). Images should be jpeg or png files and no smaller than 3” by 3” (horizontal photos are preferred over vertically-oriented shots). File size should not be less than 300KB.